With Aspen's Evolution MAX 

Another way we’ve made equipment obsolescence – Obsolete!

Reduce cockpit clutter and remove backups  with either a single Pro MAX PFD,

Evolution 2000 MAX, or Evolution 2500 MAX system!

  • New internal backup battery streamlines your installation and significantly reduces installation costs 

  • No more external wires and battery mounting rack

  • No more transitioning to analog instruments as backup
  • The internal battery allows greater flexibility in already installed Aspen legacy systems*

*The Details

  • The new internal battery enables Evolution 2000 MAX systems (Pro MAX PFD + MFD1000 MAX) and Evolution 2500 MAX systems (Pro MAX PFD + MFD1000 MAX + MFD500 MAX) installations meet the requirements for removal of backup ASI, ATT, and ALT instruments with an installed IFR GPS

  • Legacy Evolution 2000/2500 systems with an MFD1000 and the installation of the new internal battery will continue to be approved to use the MFD1000 to meet the requirements for backup ASI and ALT instruments.  For these legacy systems, a separate standby ATT indicator remains a requirement

  • Some MFD1000s can be modified in the field using a field Service Bulletin, others will need to be returned to Aspen Avionics for the modification.  The following part numbers are eligible for field modification:

    • Legacy 910-00001-002 MFD1000s marked with “MOD 1”: Covered under Service Bulletin SB2020-06

    • All MAX MFD1000s p/n 910-00001-012: Covered under Service Bulletin SB2020-05

System Display Pricing

Evolution Pro MAX PFD
Evolution MFD1000 MAX$8,495
Evolution 2000 MAX (Pro MAX PFD + MFD1000 MAX)$16,995
Evolution 2500 MAX (Pro MAX PFD +MFD1000 MAX + MFD500 MAX)$20,995

Battery Pricing

Existing Unit
List Price
MFD1000 MAXField Service Bulletin Kit$595
Legacy MFD1000 with MOD 1Field Service Bulletin Kit$595
Legacy MFD1000 without MOD 1*Unit to be returned to Aspen Avionics factory for modification$2,995