Aspen Avionics is offering unprecedented savings on the 2000 MAX and 2500 MAX systems, plus adding our award-winning software upgrades FREE on multi-display packages.  Additionally, we are sharply reducing the price of the EA100 autopilot adapter by over $2,000 on multi-display systems for the month of March.

With the Evolution 2000 or 2500 MAX multi-display systems customers can clean up the panel by removing backup instruments, and vacuum system.  Improve situational awareness with Synthetic Vision all displays, ADS-B integration on MFD1000/MFD500 MAX and  Angle of Attack on the MFD1000 MAX multi-function display.

SystemPromo PriceSavings off Manufacturers List Price
Evolution 2500 MAX$17,495
Evolution 2000 MAX$13,995$2,000
EA100 Autopilot Adapter$995$2,160
Angle of Attack*$0$595
ADS-B Software Integration*$0$595

* Applies to multi-display system orders – software applied to MFD1000 MAX Multi-function display

Offer ends March 31, 2021