Trade-in your current Aspen Evolution flight display and trade-up to a NEW Evolution MAX display*

MAX out your Aspen Display with:

  • Dual Redundancy - eliminates single point of failure with GPS-aided AHRS
  • Synthetic Vision - standard on all MAX displays
  • Audio Callouts - improves flight awareness with voice prompts and alerts
  • Hi-Vis Display - enhances day/night visibility with a brighter, more vibrant screen
  • Slide-in Replacement - minimizes installation costs with a simple plug and play
  • No Backups Required - With Evolution 2000 (Pro MAX PFD + MFD1000 MAX or  Evolution 2500 (Pro MAX PFD + MFD1000 MAX + MFD500 MAX systems

Single Display System
Two-Display System $6,995
Three Display System $8,495

Get more value.

Get more performance.

Get more with MAX!