Trade-in your current Aspen Evolution flight display and trade-up to a NEW Evolution MAX display.

Why Trade In and Trade Up to MAX:

  • No backup attitude indicator is required with a single ProMax Primary Flight Display!  Save yourself some weight and horsepower by pulling out your vacuum system and old attitude indicator
  • New two-year factory warranty
  • No backups are required for multi-display systems, too!  Evolution 2000 (Pro MAX PFD + MFD1000 MAX or  Evolution 2500 (Pro MAX PFD + MFD1000 MAX + MFD500 MAX systems
  • STANDARD Synthetic Vision included – adds better situational awareness and overall safety, particularly in IMC conditions
  • GPS-aided AHRS in the event of pitot-static failure – eliminates single point of failure
  • New, vibrant colors with the latest aviation glass – Display is clearer, more readable, and sharper than ever before.  Increased readability when dimmed and in direct sunlight
  • Audio panel interface – Audio voice callouts in pilot’s headset vs. a tone alert
  • Higher reliability and faster refresh rates with latest generation processors – 4x faster than the legacy display
  • Font and window enlargement – improves situational awareness by automatically enlarging  the field you are changing
  • Altitude intercept arc –Immediately see when altitude is reached - Clearly determine avoidance of terrain, comply with crossing restrictions, or enter the pattern at the desired altitude   

Single Display System
Two-Display System $7,495
Three Display System $8,995

Get more value.

Get more performance.

Get more with MAX!